The market is saturated with all different meal replacement shake diets. But how do you know which one is the best and which one you should try?

There is one simple answer that will answer all your questions.

They are all rubbish

For a laugh I went on to Hebalife’s web page and entered in my measurements to their online calculator. According to the Herbalife online calculator I have a BMI of 25. I am regarded as being overweight.

It was recommended I should consider taking their plan of replacing 2 of my meals with a meal replacement shake.

So with having never met me and knowing nothing about me they can recommend this diet for me.

This is comical. Anybody that knows me knows that I am far from overweight. So sorry Herbalife I will have to decline your delicious offer of two shakes a day instead of my meals.

I don’t mean to single out Herbalife in this blog. All these meal replacement diets are the same it is just that Herbalife is the poster boy when it comes to these diets. They use intelligent marketing and offer a quick solution to weight issues.

Adding to the problem not solving it

Really all they are doing is taking you money out of your pocket and making the problem many times worse.

These meal replacement diets are not the solution to losing weight. People that use, sell and promote these are missing out on the bigger picture that needs to be addressed.

The big picture

The bigger picture is that every member of our society needs to be educated better.

We need to know and understand what foods we should be eating. Maybe more importantly what we should avoid. As well as the effects certain foods are going to have on your body.

This is a key part of education that is overlooked. In today’s society where we have so much choice available to us in the store, there is a greater need to know and understand what foods cause what reactions within our body.

I am not going to say these meal replacement don’t work short term. We have all seen the people that have gone on these diets and lost kilos in weight so you can’t say that they don’t do what they say they will do.

But what happens after these people go back on their normal eating pattern?

And what cost have these shakes had on their health?

The bigger rebound

The weight just shoots back up again once you go back on your normal eating pattern. This is because these shakes have slowed their metabolism down to a point where it is almost stopped. This is because your body has been starved of the energy that it needs to thrive and survive. The only thing it can do is down regulate your metabolism.

This constant yoyo dieting of starving, binging, starving and binging causes your body to hold on to more fat. Because it feels under threat and doesn’t know if the next meal will come or not. So it stores fat to use just in case that meal comes in the form of a shake.

Chemical concoction not food

These meal replacement shakes are loaded with chemical ingredients.  These ingredients are toxic to your body and are the furthest possible thing to food for your body.

Some of these ingredients include

  • aspartame
  • acesulfame potassium
  • moltodextrin
  • concentrated milk products
  • cellulose gel
  • soy fibre
  • Xanthan gum
  • carrageenan
  • sodium phosphate
  • and synthetic vitamins.

I am sure if you look on the ingredients list you will find more but these are the main few.

These chemical ingredients have been known to cause damage to your

  • brain
  •  glands
  • digestive system
  • immune system
  • as well as promoting an environment where cancer can grow and flourish while being fed by these chemicals.

So if you think these meal replacement diets are the answer to your weight problems, please STOP.

Have another think and go with a much healthier option. Talk with somebody who know and understands nutrition and how foods can affect you.

Work with them to develop a lifelong habit around food that is healthy, nutritious and tasty.

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