We are all aware of the physical adverse effects of being overweight.

  1. Back pain,
  2. Difficulty doing certain tasks,
  3. Difficulty doing exercise
  4. Along with the extra pressure that it puts on your joints on a day to day basis.

Excess weight can have a more serious and detrimental effect on you as a person.

The excess body fat that you are carrying around particularly the visceral fat (fat around the organs) plays a very influential role within the body. This fat alters hormonal production within the body and causes an inflammatory environment. This makes this pathway of visceral fat production stronger. It also has been linked with several diseases including the obvious ones. Obesity and metabolic syndrome along with cancer, autoimmune disorders and brain disease.

What about it's effects on your brain?

The greater a person waist to hip ratio is research has shown that the smaller the hippocampus becomes. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is critical in the function of your memory. How well your memory functions absolutely depends on the size of the hippocampus.

Not only that. The higher the waist to hip ratio is the more at risk the person is of strokes within the brain.

The bigger your waist is the smaller your brain is.

These changes to the brain happen immediately, once we start putting on those extra few pounds. It is so important that we start right now with our efforts to lose weight and become healthy.

Our brain is a really amazing piece of tissue. Contrary to a lot of old believes the brain is capable of forming new neuron pathways and can repair itself. Only if we provide it with the right environment. The first part of that is making sure we sustain a healthy weight.

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