Today we see so many young athletes getting their careers cut short. They pick up some serious injury that has ruined all their years of hard work.

Could this have been prevented. If proper care had been taken with this athlete when they were younger?

Are certain people simply built in a way that could prevent them from par-taking in a certain sport?

We are all fully aware that no two people are the same. We are all unique individuals.

What if this uniqueness was the reason why certain athletes get injuries that end their career or are suffering from repetitive injuries in their sport of choice. People may have a bone structure or a muscle imbalance that would inhibit their abilities in this sport.

However because nobody takes the time to assess these athletes to see the uniqueness of the individual we never know these things exist. So they continue until one day something goes wrong and BAM their career is over.

This is not good enough

A program needs to be set in place for all kids. They all need to be physically assessed to examine their muscular development and bone structure.

If they have any major issues that could cause problems later in life these can be identified. If the potential issue can't be corrected the child can be informed of the dangers of participating in certain sports. We can educated them as to what they should do to help themselves develop to the best they can be.

Physiotherapists and all fitness professionals should be trained in this way.

They should be working together to collaborate their efforts to give these future athletes the best opportunities. They should not be the people that are seen only when you are injured. Everyone has a role to play in the development of top professional athletes and no role is more important than the other. A good physio who provides good manual therapy is a vital part of any teams preparation.

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Your fitness professional and physiotherapist should also be working closely with your doctor. No one professional has all the answers and all the knowledge needed to develop an athlete. It needs to be a team effort with everyone working off the same page with the same end goal.

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