Happiness is something you are responsible for. You can't expect someone else to make you happy if you are not happy with what you have.

On a daily basis we meet and see people that do something that effects us. But do we allow their actions to take too much of a hold over our thought process and let them get at us?

The two monks

There is a story about two monks who were out walking. They came to a river and there was a woman standing on the river bank afraid to cross because the water was running too fast.

The two monks were made to believe that they should never touch a woman in any way. One of the monks picked up the woman and put her over her shoulder and helped her across the river. On the other side he put her down and they went their separate ways. The two monks continued their walk.

After a mile of walking the second monk turned to the first and questioned him. Why had he carried the woman across the river as it broke the rules of their believes. The second monk turned to the first and said I left her down at the river bank you are still carrying her. So which one of us is wrong?

Your monk

This story has so much relevance to our daily lives.

We spend so much time worrying about what other people are thinking of us, what they are going to say about us. We fail to realise what a dramatic effect it is having on us a person. On our health also and more importantly. How it is preventing us from living our lives.

We spend so much time thinking about their perception of us that we forget to live our life.

Only people who are completely self obsessed will have negative comments to say about you. These are not people you should have in your life nor are they people you should worry about their opinions.

You do what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. Do not be a victim of other peoples actions.


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