Coffee can be an extremely good and powerful stimulant and detox when it is used properly and intelligently.

However in the world of today, where everybody is running around trying to get a million and one different things done all at the same time and using coffee as their fuel source from morning until night time.  Then that is where things start to go wrong and coffee gets a bad rap.

The good

If used minimally. One cup a day maximum and preferable 3-4 cups weekly it can be really good for your health.

The bad

But when you are drinking down cups of this stuff every day it builds up an acidic environment within your body.

This acidic environment is very toxic and increases the sympathetic tone of the nervous system. Being in this sympathetic state for a prolonged period of time wreaks havoc with every system within your body.

The ugly

If we are doing this day in day out. Month after month and year after year we are constantly forcing our body into this sympathetic state. This is completely out of balance with the way it should be and we will eventually pay the price.

I am not saying that coffee will make you sick or give you some disease. However the effects of consuming coffee several times a day continuously definitely will.

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