BioCryoCompression involves sequential compression of the tissue to move fluids through the injured area or surgical site, speeding the healing process and preventing infection.

BioCryo combines massaging action with a cold gel pack pulling heat away from the injury site, reducing inflammation and pain. 

This cold compression therapy system provides maximum power to manage pain, reduce inflammation and speed healing for a wide variety of ailments.  It stimulates tissue repair by enhancing Lymphatic function, removing oedema from the injury site and encouraging oxygenated blood flow to the site.  

What are the BioCryo advantages?

  • Convenient cold gel pack insert eliminates the need for ice and water.
  • Pain management without the use of narcotics helps patients reduce their need for prescription medication.
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear.
  • Shorten post-surgical recovery time.
  • Medically proven results to prevent infection and relieve swelling, soreness and fatigue.