Microwaves are a quick and convenient way to heat up you food and even prepare certain foods. They are also a menace to your health and are making you sick.

It has been found that when you heat food in the microwave it causes pathogenic changes in your blood when you eat the food. These changes are similar to that seen in the initial stages of cancer.

This information was found by Professor Bernard Blanc of the university of Lausanne. Independent researcher Dr. Hans U. Hertel also came to the same conclusion.

When we microwave food it causes unhealthy clumping in the blood. This can last for as long as two hours or longer.

Also when we microwave food the food is often in plastic containers. When we microwave the food the toxic chemicals from the plastic leach out from the container and into the food. We then consume this toxic laden food.

Many of these chemicals from the plastic are known carcinogens.

Finally to demonstrate how detrimental microwaves can be to our food. A study published by the Journal of the Science of food found that when we heat broccoli with a little water in a microwave it loses 97% of its beneficial antioxidant. That figure is quite alarming when compared to 11% or fewer lost when steamed.

Fit for the skip.

The microwave is just another man made invention that was designed to make food easier. Unfortunately like most other man made inventions around food it has taken something amazing and destroyed it.


So if you are still planning on using your microwave please think again. Better still throw it not the nearest skip you can find.

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