I want people to understand that eggs are a really great food source. Rich in fat, protein, vitamins and omega’s.

They should be regarded as one of the super foods. As apposed to the cholesterol villains that they have been portrayed to be by popular TV and magazine adverts.

Secondly there is absolutely nothing “normal” about the average egg you will find in the supermarket.

Not all eggs are equal

We should all eat free range eggs for a few reasons.

The egg that you buy in your local supermarket is produced by a battery hen. Raised in a cage and never gets to set foot out of that cage for the entirety of their miserable life. These hens are in a state of distress throughout their short life. They are fed just enough food to keep them alive while they are producing eggs. As a result the hens are often malnourished as well as being ill-treated.

So if anybody can think that these hens can produce a perfect egg to the same nutritional value as a hen roaming free needs to re-think. These battery hens are also pumped full of anti-biotic drugs from the food they eat. The reason being, if they were not then they would all become diseased and die.

These drugs pass into the eggs also and we get small doses of these drugs as a result. A little over a long time evolves into a large dose. This is a lot of the reason why we need to keep finding stronger and stronger anti-biotic drugs. Our bodies become numb to these anti-biotic drugs after such prolonged intake.

A battery raised hen is also going to produce an egg with a completely different ratio of omega 3, 6 and 9. This ratio is far less healthy than that produced by a free range hen. A free range hen is also going to have an increased level of vitamin D in the egg as a result of roaming free out under the sun.

Money talks

So it is time to let our money do the talking. Steer clear of the average shop egg and splash out those extra few cent to buy the free range eggs. Even better again if possible find a local farmer who might sell you some of his eggs!

Your children will thank you in years to come. So will the chickens when they are living a much happier life roaming freely out under the clouds.

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