“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” or so the quote goes.

If you are eating the wrong things for breakfast, Is this quote still worth the paper it is written on?

I don’t think so! I believe it is the same as saying oil is important for your car. Then you decide oil is oil and throw a gallon of olive oil into the car.

Your body is no different. It has nutrient requirements that need to be satisfied before we can express our true genetic potential. If you keep pumping rubbish fuel into your body it may run ok for some time but eventually things will start to go wrong. Eventually when enough systems are struggling we will become sick and diseased and die.

So what are we eating for breakfast?

If we are being honest a large proportion of us eat some form of cereal. Whether it be cornflakes, bran flakes, crunchy nut you name it, there is no real difference. All these cereals nutritionally they are all just sugar once digested. Then we often throw a spoon of sugar on top of this cereal to make it taste nicer. So we are adding sugar to sugar. Then we may wash it down with a glass of orange juice and maybe a slice of toast. Again more sugar on top of sugar because once digested these also turn to sugar within the body.

We get an immediate rush of energy for an hour or two and then we crash and burn by 11 o’ clock. Why? Because all the sugar we have eaten has been used up or else put into fat storage within the body. We reach for a snack bar loaded with sugar along with maybe a cup of coffee.

So is it any wonder we often are so tired after a day’s work. We are living from sugar rush to sugar rush. Or is it any wonder the children of today are hyper active and more inclined to have ADHD or ADD? They are eating sugar from one end of the day to the next of course they are going to be hyper.

nutrition advice is bonkers

Government bodies have a large part to answer for in this problem though in my opinion. Giving us all this information to eat this it is high in fibre. Eat this it is low fat.

They neglect to give us any real nutritional information. Why all these cereals are advertised so much is because they are cheap and easy to produce. Have a long shelve life therefore making more money for the powers that be. These people don’t care whether we are sick or healthy. All they are worried about is how much money went into the bank account this week.

Healthy people are not profitable. They don’t need to buy drugs, medicines or pay for medical procedures.

Step up

We need to take responsibility for the food choices we make and start using our money wisely. Stop listening to these so called experts and educate ourselves about what foods our bodies need will we really be healthy.

So what should we eat for breakfast?

Breakfast should have protein and a high fat content to fuel the body for a substantial part of the day. You be creative here. Everybody is different and is going to have different preferences for breakfast. So you are in control.

Just make sure you have whole foods. Eggs, yogurt, smoothies, whatever tickles your taste buds. Just please through the cereal box away.

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