In all walks of life we have tried to gain a better understanding of the smallest particles that occur within our specific field.

Take medicine for example. We have specialists for nearly every single part of the body you can think of.

Yes they have a greater knowledge of the separate body parts than a GP may have had a couple of decades ago. Is this necessarily a good thing though ?

Knowledge doesn't equal intelligence

Just because there is a greater knowledge of specific body parts does this mean that they are a more intelligent? Or a more competent physician? No in my opinion! No part of the body operates separate from any of the other systems within the body. They are all inter-connected and should be looked upon in this way.

What we do to the liver will obviously have a knock on effect on say the stomach, the bowel or maybe the lungs. The body and person should be looked upon and treated holistically and never compartmentalized. This is where medicine fails but this problem is not just isolated to medicine alone. It is wide spread in agriculture and across all walks of life; I just chose to pick medicine as my example.

Unfounded claims

We claim that we are the most intellectually advanced homo sapiens to grace this planet! This is a strong statement and something that we should look at more critically.

Take our health today compared to our health centuries ago is it really better. I really doubt it. Everywhere you look today people are obese, sick or dying. Do you honestly think that our ancient ancestors were like that?

You may argue life expectancy. However once you factor in the entire variables then it is an invalid argument and carries no weight. Look at what we are doing to our planet, our home. We are rapping the soils on a daily basis with little or no understanding of proper farming techniques. Eventually we will end up with only a small pocket of viable agricultural land to feed the whole world.

Our ancient ancestors were also more in tune and connected. Both with the people they shared their lives with as well as the environment in which they inhabited. They had a keen understanding of the seasons. As well as what was required to develop and prosper within their environment.

Yes we have advanced technologically far beyond what our ancestors could have dreamed of. This is all pointless and does not lead to real and lasting bliss. We think what we do is important but really when you critically think about it, it is all just a load of junk. We think is important just so we can rationalize our being here.

What really matters

We need to understand what is really important in life; love, health, companionship and true happiness.

Instead however we run around trying to get 101 things done every day. Pay no attention to what is really going on around us. We have no connection within our own bodies, between our heart and our brain. Not to mention our fellow man or the environment or planet in which we are so lucky to inhabit!!

Until we can understand and accomplish this in our lives we will always be one step behind our ancestors. However if we can conquer this part of live we can make giant strides into evolving our species.

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