There is no investment into teaching young children how to become good athletes. How to develop athleticism, strength and power as they age.

Physical education class (PE) in schools is just an excuses as a class to have some fun and blow off some steam.

Missed opportunity

There is no physical education in primary school. In secondary school it is deemed an inconvenience and interrupts class time.

Teenagers today are the least active generation in our history. Spending prolonged periods of time in a sitting position. Whether it is at school, playing video games, watching TV etc.

This promotes bad posture and weakened core muscles and stabilizers. All this means that these young adults are the generation that need the most help and attention when it comes to developing athleticism and a foundation of strength.

Unprepared for sport

These kids may be playing some sport football, soccer or rugby etc. They have developed no foundation of strength and are repeatedly getting injuries and nobody questions why. Then to compound an already bad situation as these teenagers get older they start going to the gym.

They have no foundation of knowledge as to what it is they should do to improve performance or strength. In the age of the internet it is so easy to find any training program. Without any knowledge or understanding of what they should be doing it is hard to decipher the good from the bad.

They follow a program they have found that some sport idol of theirs is doing or has done. What they fail to realize is that this idol of theirs did not start on this program. They have put in years of hard work and training to build a solid base from which to build this program off.

Foundation of quicksand

This is the base that these young teenagers are missing. They are trying to build their body on ground with no foundation. This is never going to work and eventually it will come crashing down around them sooner rather than later. in the form of one injury or another.

But is this really their fault?

No, of course not!

If they do not know any better then it is our fault. As trainers and the education system we have an obligation of providing these young athletes with the proper education around training. They need to build a solid foundation from an early age.

Once these teenagers have developed a solid foundation and a good knowledge of what it is that they are doing in any gym they will be set up for life. From their they can go on and progress themselves to be the best they can be in life.

As the saying goes, Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a life time. This is what we should be doing as trainer and educators in conjunction with the education system.

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