Our emotions have more impact on your health than you may think.

All matter on this planet is just energy. It does not matter how solid it may seem it is just made up of energy and that includes us humans! That is why our emotions can have such a major impact on our health.

All emotions are also just energy either positive or negative depending.

The wall

We are all born into this world completely open to all this emotional energy both good and bad. As we develop we often are not able to cope with all the negative energy. So in order to protect ourselves we start to compensate. We learn how to defend our heart from the full force of this negative energy by building a wall.

This wall is made entirely from energy and is only real in our subconscious mind. However to our subconscious this wall is as real as the walls of your house. This wall was designed to protect us from negative emotion (energy).

But it also inhibits positive emotions from entering and inhibits our ability to transmit positive emotion! It is not until we can free ourselves from this wall that will we experience the world in all its full glory and splendour.

Traumatic experiences

This wall may not be the only emotional energy within our body. Often when we go through a negative life experience that is really traumatic and upsetting we are not fully able to cope with it. Or all the emotional energy that this event brings to our lives.

As a result we develop pockets of trapped emotions throughout our body. This is in order to protect ourselves from the full force of this traumatic event. This emotion never goes away and the subconscious mind is always aware of its presence. It doesn’t affect us in our daily lives because we are rarely aware of our subconscious on a daily basis!

This trapped energy along with this heart wall are both negative energies. They resonate at a certain frequency like all energy does. This frequency is destructive to our body.

It causes all the bodily system in the vicinity of this emotion to resonate at the same frequency as the emotion. If this is occurring over a prolonged period of time it leads to dysfunction within that bodily system. This in turn will then lead to disease in the future. Unless we make ourselves aware of this trapped emotion and rid our body of it.

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