Criticism is always viewed as a negative thing.

When somebody criticizes us we always think it is bad.

We have been conditioned to think that when we are criticized that it is because the person doesn’t like me or that they think I am not good enough.

You can do better

We fail to realize however there is more than one way to look at something. What if that person was criticizing us because they knew we were capable of so much more. They can see that we were not producing our full potential and want to get us where we should be.

Sure they may be able to find a better method to get their point across other than criticizing us but. You have to see from their perspective also. You must understand that they are watching you with so much potential. Possible a level of talent they could only have dreamed of having and there you are putting in a half assed effort. Wasting this talent you have been gifted with. So of course they will get frustrated and shout and rant.

When somebody criticizes you. Whether it be a coach, manager or anybody else. You have to think that this person thinks that you are worthy of their time, effort and guidance. Because if you weren’t they would not feel the need to say anything to you. They would let you continue wasting your time and your talent indefinitely. So embrace it and learn as much as you can because it is only through critique we learn our flaws. From our flaw we can grow.

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