We are no longer connected to the earth the way we should be.

Modern day shoes have advanced so much in recent times. This is not necessarily such a good thing though.

Body electric

Our bodies are largely composed of water which is a very good conductor of electricity. Our body functions daily using small electrical signals throughout our bodies. But our bodies transmit a positive electric charge. When we are disconnected from the earth we develop a build-up of this positive electric charge. If we allow this charge to build up it is detrimental to our health and causes inflammation within our bodies! Inflammation is a major contributing factor in the development of disease of all kinds. We should all strive to eliminate inflammation within our bodies.

A good way to eliminate this build-up of positive electric charge is to walk bare foot on the earth. This works because the earth carries a negative charge while we carry a positive charge. When we remove all insulators and re-connect with the earth the positive and negative charges balance. The charge passes between your feet and the earth and balance each other out.

Practicing this has an immediate effect on your sense of well-being. If you talk to anybody who practices bare foot walking they will tell you that they feel so much better after they do it.

  1. This can help
  2. improve your mood
  3. help to regulate your hormones
  4. re-balance your circadian biology
  5. Improve sleep.

This can also be used by athletes who wish to speed up their recovery time after a hard session also. It does this by removing the build-up of inflammation in the body as a result of the stress of the exercise!

I know in today’s world that walking bare foot is not possible in all places and can be dangerous. However find a clear area like your local park of beach and give it a try and see how you feel after!!

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