Are you are unfit, not as healthy as you would like to be or overweight? You have to realize that it took you years to get yourself into that state that you find yourself in right now. Getting back to optimum health with take time as well and will not happen over night.

There is no magic switch or miraculous new diet that will get you back to optimum health in double fast time! Yes there are diets out there that you will rapidly lose weight momentarily but will eventually slow and fail. Not to mention the cost to your body and your health.

These consequences may not show up immediately. Often it can take years before the ill effects of these ridiculous diets manifest themselves. If you really want to lose weight and get their body back to the healthiest that it can be then you have to start by educating yourself. Take everything one step at a time.

It is not a one size fits all

It is like piecing a jick-saw puzzle back together. You have to know and understand each piece before you can put it all together. There is more required than just reading and educating yourself about getting healthy. You have to be able to fully understand what it is that is being said. Not only that you need to know how to implement it into your life.

Not everything that you read will work for you because each person is different. Every-bodies body will work in a slightly different way. So you have to be able to understand it and experiment with things. If they don’t suit you then stop doing it. No one person has the magical formula that worked out for every individual. You have got to take responsibility and be your own guru!

Multi-layered system

There is a major problem with the health industry of today. Not enough people with whom we intrust our health with are fully aware of all the components that need to be pieced together for a person to reach optimum health.

Sure there are many very clever people who excel in their field. However we need more than one area to be working we need to start looking at the bigger picture.


This is the king. If we fail to get this right then we fail full stop. When we are looking at what we should do about nutrition we have to think long term. For example ask yourself can I do this for the remainder of my life not just the next 7 days.

For me we have to go back as primitive as we possibly can when it come to our nutrition. Forget about all these modern foods that are artificially produced and full of additives and preservatives. If you cannot grow it or if your grandmother wouldn’t know what it is, don’t eat it, just eat real food!


This is next in line. When it comes to exercise it is so important that we really think about what it is that we are doing.

If you go out every day running the roads just think of the stress and strain that you are putting your joints and your body under. The most important thing that we need to do before we start to exercise is go to a professional and get assessed. There are so many people doing the wrong exercises for their bodies.

So get yourself checked out. Understand what we are doing when we exercise and what it is that we should be doing for optimum health.


Our environment is often something that we feel we have no control over. But in fact it is something we have complete control over.

Most of us spend approximately 50% of our time in our homes each day. This is something that we have complete control over. We control everything that comes into the house. We buy the food. Choose to bring in chemicals or not. Say what people come and go. So we have complete control here to make our homes the healthiest environment it can be.

By not bringing in unhealthy foods, no chemicals if possible and by only letting people that enhance our mood into our house we create a healthy environment.

The remaining 50% of the time that we are out of our homes we have no control of the environment. But at the same time we have complete control. It is only us that can choose how a certain situation affects us. If we choose to become frustrated and agitated by a situation then we are putting ourselves in an unhealthy environment. However if we can take control and look upon things from a different angle we can create a completely different environment. One that we may be able to learn something from.


It is so important that we get this one right. If we don’t get this one right then all our best laid plans up to this point will quite often fall apart. We have to surround ourselves with people who not only have the same ideology that we have but also one who question us. It is all about creating a healthy balance.

It is through the support and encouragement from these people that we will keep ourselves on track. Also quite often these new friends will have different interpretations of what they learnt. Hopefully you will learn something new from these people.


Without adequate recovery we are destined to fail. If we over train our bodies they will burn out and we will be forced into quitting. Our body will simple not be able to take it anymore. We need to really listen to our body. If you need to rest respect that and rest and come back the next day stronger.

I include sleep in this one because it is during sleep that we recover the most. Not too many people really appreciate exactly how important sleep we really need. We are meant to sleep in a cycle with longer sleep during winter and shorter during the summer. This is what regulates our hormones and keeps all in balance within our bodies.


This is hugely important. If we go into this in the wrong mind-set then we are destined to fail. We have to make a conscious decision from the beginning to really change our lifestyle. Then we have to follow through on all the changes that need to be made. Ensuring that we can implement these changes for a life time.


It is vitally important that we have fun every day and laugh as often as we can.

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