In the education system of today we are not encouraged to think for ourselves.

Building robots

Instead our children are rewarded for trusting authority figures and punished for challenging them. We are made to memorize the research that others. Instead of encouraged to investigate our own ideas.

By the time children conclude their education in school they are not ready for real life. They have no critical thinking skills. Or the ability to formulate their own educated opinions.

Being able to identify bias, challenge assumptions and balance open mindedness and skepticism is completely alien.

We are creating robots. Therefore individuality and creativity should be encouraged at every opportunity.

Good Will Hunting education

We need to take responsibility and educate ourselves in a way that the school system fails to do.

It does not matter the subject you will find masses of information out there. There are hundreds of books written on every subject imaginable. You just need to get out there invest the time and commitment and there is nothing you can't learn

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