We spend all our time living in an outside in world. We are constantly looking for things from our world to make us happy. Whether that is a new car, a new job or a new house.

We believe that through sacrifice and unhappiness we will eventually become happy. To put it more simply:
Sacrifice + Unhappiness = Happiness

Now that idea might sound like it makes sense, but. How long do we have to spend in the initially stages of sacrifice and unhappiness before we reach the final stage of happiness?

For the large majority of us that would be all our lives.

There will always be a new problem that keeps cropping up that we had not foreseen. “Oh if only I had more money, then I could be happy”. “If only I could afford that house/car then I would be happy”.

The reality

Yes if we were to get that dream house or that dream car then yes we certainly would be happy. Only for a little bit though. Then eventually we would find something else that we want that would make our lives so much better.

What we need to realise is that we are born with all we need to be happy and loved. It is pre-built into our subconscious already. It is just that along the way things happen that confuse us. Whether it is misdirected comments from a parent or sibling. A school bully.

We begin to think that we are not meant to be happy. Or capable of being loved.

Be happy with who you are

What we need to do is re-address our subconscious mind. By consciously thinking and making decisions and reinforcing our own self-worth we can do this. Once we are happy within ourselves and are happy with the world we live in. Have stopped fighting and trying so hard to make things happen. Things will begin to fall into place for us.

There is a divine path in all life. All creation follows a path. For example little puppy always grows up to be dog. A seed from an apple will grow up to be an apple tree. They don’t have to fight or try to make this happen it just does.

That is what we need to learn how to do. Now in saying that I don’t what people to lose their drive and ambition in life. Just forget about the material garbage.

It is not the material things that we collect along the way that make us happy. It is only ourselves that can make us truly happy. You can't rely on someone else, it is up to you to be happy with your lot.

We are all on a path through life and we need to enjoy it an embrace life every day.

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