Is the weighted squat really that important an exercise and should everybody be doing it?

I think not!

Now I don’t want people to think I think the squatting movement is not important for everyday life. It is and believe it to be a fundamental movement.

Do we really need to adding weight?

Or is just having perfect technique at bodyweight enough?

In today’s world where there are so many people with office jobs. A new disease is starting to proliferate.

The sitting disease

We sit driving to work. Sit in the office all day working on the computer. We sit in our car and drive home again. When we get home we are tired from the early start and sit down have some dinner and watch TV.

Most of our time is spent sitting down in a chair. This chair then becomes their core. Our true core stabiliser muscle are no longer able to function. They lose proper control of the pelvis and we get movement through our lower back. Because these core stabilisers are no longer functioning properly we have to use the muscles in their limbs to try and give stability to the pelvis. As a result we end up with shortened hip flexors. Stiff hamstrings from stabilising the pelvis and weak glutes from being in a stretched position from sitting all day.

It is unfortunate but that accounts for the vast majority of the population of today.

Enter back pain

These people are really ill prepared for squatting it will only lead to one result, back pain.

There are so many other factors that should and need to be corrected for this person before they can ever get under the bar to squat.

Also they may never need to get under the bar at all. There are so many other exercise that you can use that can help these people with the same results with far less risk.

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